4 Pack Irish Magnets - Sheep, Pint, Varsity Badge and Tricolour Shield

Irish Gifts SKU: IM86
Irish Magnet Set - 4 Pack: Sheep, Pint, Varsity Badge, Tricolour

4 Pack Irish Magnets - Sheep, Pint, Varsity Badge and Tricolour Shield

Irish Gifts SKU: IM86
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Introducing our 4 Pack Irish Magnets, a delightful collection of Irish-themed magnets that capture the essence of Ireland. This set includes four unique designs: Sheep, Pint, Varsity Badge, and Tricolour Shield.

The Sheep magnet showcases the adorable charm of Ireland's beloved woolly friends, while the Pint magnet pays homage to the country's rich pub culture and the famous Irish stout. The Varsity Badge magnet represents Irish sporting spirit and pride, while the Tricolour Shield magnet beautifully displays the tricolour flag, symbolizing the unity of Ireland.

Crafted with attention to detail, these magnets are made to enhance your living space or serve as memorable souvenirs of Ireland. They are designed with vibrant colours and intricate artwork, adding a touch of Irish charm to any magnetic surface.


  • These magnets are designed with vibrant colours and intricate artwork, showcasing the beauty and attention to detail in each design
  • With sizes ranging from 5cm x 4cm for the Sheep magnet, 5cm x 2.7cm for the Pint magnet, 4.5cm x 4.5cm for the Varsity Badge magnet, and 5cm x 3.5cm for the Tricolour Shield magnet, these magnets are compact and versatile
  • They can be easily attached to your refrigerator, magnetic board, or any other metal surface

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