4 Pack Irish Magnets

Irish Gifts SKU: IM8
4 Pack Irish Magnets: Sheep, Leprechaun Hat and Shamrock Design

4 Pack Irish Magnets

Irish Gifts SKU: IM8
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Celebrate the beauty and spirit of Ireland with our 4 Pack Irish Magnets. This delightful set features four charming designs that capture the essence of Irish culture.

The Shamrock Sheep magnet showcases the iconic symbol of Ireland, the shamrock, combined with the adorable image of a fluffy sheep. It represents luck, prosperity, and the lush green landscapes of the Emerald Isle.

The Ireland Flag Sheep magnet proudly displays the Irish flag on the back of a cute sheep. It symbolizes national pride and love for the country, making it a perfect addition to any Irish-themed collection.

The Leprechaun Hat magnet features a whimsical leprechaun hat adorned with a shamrock. This mischievous creature is a beloved figure in Irish folklore and represents the playful and magical side of Ireland.

Last but not least, the Shamrock magnet showcases the iconic three-leaf clover, a symbol deeply rooted in Irish tradition. It is believed to bring good luck and is synonymous with St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

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